Health Policy Day

HPSA finished off 2015 with Health Policy Day, promoting our #WhyHealthPolicyMatters campaign. The campaign is our attempt to create a dialogue throughout the SPH community, highlighting why health policy is relevant to students interested in public health and the healthcare industry. For a little stress-busting before finals, we passed out hot chocolate and cookies, and asked folks to let us know #WhyHealthPolicyMatters to them. As a tribute to the great David Letterman, here are the Top 10 responses:

  1. Because policy can be an effective long term, positive, healthy equitable intervention.
  2. Because it can change the structures that determine population health.
  3. Because it helps fight for environmental justice.
  4. Because everyone deserves access to preventable care.
  5. Health policy provides sustainable changes in healthcare.
  6. Because it applies research towards improving health in populations.
  7. Because it impacts every part of our lives from womb to tomb.
  8. Because treating a problem (medicine) is less effective than solving it (policy).
  9. Because it is the responsibility of a state or any organized institution to ensure the wellbeing of its citizens. Healthy citizens = a healthy and more productive society.
  10. Because we won’t achieve health for all without it!

Below are student photos from Health Policy Day, but the #WhyHealthPolicyMatters campaign is an ongoing effort. Stop by our display near JavaBlu in SPH to see #WhyHealthPolicyMatters to several SPH faculty members. Thank you to all who participated!